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  • The utility and advantages of Visage and Primordial have become apparent to our health system. Our early-mover advantage and successful on-site demonstrations of the technology to outside institutions have allowed us to develop strong relationships with Visage leadership and engineers. These relationships will be leveraged to address several initiatives, driven by faculty and residents, as well as potential improvements to the existing product.
  • Abundant clinical information resides in Epic. However, accessing pertinent patient data in a streamlined fashion remains elusive to the practicing radiologist because it is both frustrating and time consuming. Yet, this must be done to ensure optimal study protocoling, Clinical decision support as well as image interpretation.
  • Radiologist create value by generating reports. These reports are the primary communication of our work and take large amounts of time and attention. New technology and software can make our reporting more efficient and accurate and move our communications from simple lines of text to documents that include pictures and links to improve the value of Radiologist’s interpretations.

  • Informatics tools have the potential to optimize many of the Radiology department’s workflows. New software and approaches can improve the quality and function of our administrators and improve the patient experience