Who Reads What

Feel free to call ER Radiology (203-688-6180) with any questions you may have regarding ordering, protocolling, execution, or result clarification for imaging studies; if in doubt, it never hurts to discuss it with the ER Radiologist first. The ER Radiologist will do his/her best to answer your question or resolve your issue, but be advised that your question may need to direct you to a sub-specialty service or the intradepartmental teleradiology service. 

Understand that our department seeks to balance the desire to provide the highest level of sub-specialty advice and interpretation expertise with the necessity for timely interpretations in the Emergency Department. Depending on the time of day, the ER Radiologist may also be covering inpatient emergencies, shoreline ED cases, ICU studies, etc.

Adult ER Weekly 8am-5pm


* Ultrasound is read by a dedicated ultrasound attending weekends and holidays from 8am-12noon. All other times on weekends and holidays, as well as between 5pm and 8am overnight, ultrasound is read by the ER Radiologist.
†CT angiograms for evaluation of stent grafts after 10pm are protocolled and read by ER Radiology with IR backup as needed.

Adult ER Evenings/Nights/Weekends/Holidays (all other times besides 8am-5pm M-F)

Pediatric ER Weekly 8am-5pm

* Specialized pediatric ultrasound (pyloric stenosis, echoencephalograms, irritable hip) is referred to the on call pediatric radiologist.

Pediatric ER Evenings/Nights/Weekends/Holidays (all other times besides 8am-5pm M-F)