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Patient Exam Preparation

Exam Preparation

Below you will find links on pre appointment instructions for select radiology exams to help you better prepare for your upcoming study.

Breast Imaging

Breast Needle Biopsy

CT Scan

IV-Oral Contrast Questionnaire

CT Abd Pelv with IV Contrast

CT Abd Pelv without IV Contrast

CT Angiography

CT Angiography Abd Pelv

CT Angiography Cardiac Structure

CT Angiography Coronary

CT Cardiac Calcium Scoring

CT Chest with IV Contrast

CT Chest without IV Contrast

CT Colonography

CT Cystography

CT Dental Cone Beam

CT Enterography with IV Contrast

CT Extremity with IV Contrast

CT Extremity without IV Contrast

CT Head and/or Neck with IV Contrast

CT Head and/or Neck without IV Contrast

CT Lumbar Spine with IV Contrast

CT Lumbar Spine without IV Contrast

CT Lung Cancer Screening

CT Sinuses with IV Contrast

CT Sinuses without IV Contrast

CT Spine with IV Contrast

CT Spine without IV Contrast

CT Urogram


Abdomen MRI

Angiogram MRA

Arthrogram MRI

Breast Biopsy MRI

Breast MRI

Cardiac MRI

Cardiac Stress MRI

Cardiac Velocity MRI

Chest MRI

Chest or Abdomen MRA

Defecogram MRI

Enterography MRI

Fetus MRI

Functional Brain MRI

Head and Spine MRI

Head MRI

Knee MRI

Magnetic Resonance Cholangiopancreatography (MRCP)

Magnetic Resonance Venography (MRV)

Musculoskeletal (MSK) MRI

Pelvis Area MRI

Prostate MRI

Shoulder MRI

Spine MRI

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) MRI

Total Spine MRI

Urogram MRI

Nuclear Medicine Scans

Nuc Med Questionnaire

Nuc Med Bone Scan

Nuc Med Brain SPECT

Nuc Med Ceretec Infection Imaging

Nuc Med DaTscan Brain Imaging

Nuc Med DMSA Renal

Nuc Med Gastric Emptying

Nuc Med Hepatobiliary Functional

Nuc Med Hepatobiliary Routine

H-Pylori Breath Test

Nuc Med Liver Spleen

Nuc Med Lung Scan

Nuc Med Lymphoscintigraphy

Nuc Med Meckel’s Scan

Nuc Med Parathyroid Scan

Nuc Med Renal Scan

Nuc Med Samarium 153 Quadramet Therapy

Nuc Med Thyroid Scan

Nuc Med Radium 223 Xofigo Therapy

PET Scans

PET Questionnaire

PET Amyloid Brain Scan

PET Axumin Prostate Scan

PET Dotatate Neuroendocrine Scan

PET FDG Oncology Scan

PET Metabolic Brain Scan