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Our Vision

The HHT and Vascular Malformation Program is a model of success. Since its development at Yale School of Medicine in 1994, our center’s principals of care have been adopted and replicated by 27 centers worldwide. The interest in establishing additional centers is of great importance to patients and physicians, alike, but the time and resources needed to train colleagues in the Yale model remain scarce.

The HHT and Vascular Malformation Program is:

  • developing guidelines for the evaluation of pulmonary arteriovenous malformations in children with HHT. This innovative approach will replace CT scans; avoiding the successive and often unnecessary radiation exposure for asymptomatic children;
  • developing guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of cerebral arteriovenous malformations with the goal of universal acceptance in the medical community; and
  • developing liver transplant guidelines for patients with HHT in heart failure in the US. There is an urgent need to analyze existing data and test a Yale HHT Center hypothesis, which when proven, will dramatically impact the lives of affected patients.

Help us advocate for patients and families with HHT by supporting our research, education and patient care goals and together we can work toward preventing needless tragedies.