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Hewitt Library

Yale- New Haven Hospital
East Pavilion Rm 2-502
Amy O'Malley, Education Manager

Hewitt Library supports educational and research needs of students, residents, and faculty of the Department of Diagnostic Radiology at Yale University School of Medicine. Our unique library features 6 advanced computer equipped workstations for multi-media education, an extensive collection of teaching file cases and a conference room. Our collection of current and historical books and journals develop and sustain the research endeavors of our residents, fellows, faculty and staff.

Our Mission
To support and enhance the role of Yale Diagnostic Radiology with respect to education, patient care, research, and community service via the use of print, film, electronic, and multi-media resources.

Library Access and Borrowing
Departmental faculty, fellows, residents, and technologists will have full access to the library materials and borrowing privileges.

Library access without borrowing privileges will be available to technology students (RT, Ultrasound, and Nuclear Medicine programs), medical students, rotating residents from other institutions, visiting fellows, and staff from other medical school departments. In order for these personnel to borrow books, the book in question must be signed out by a Yale Diagnostic Radiology faculty member or Chief Tech on behalf of the non-YDR individual, and that faculty member or Chief Tech will then become responsible for that book.

The one exception is that medical students completing the Radiology Elective will be issued a copy of the Squire Book for the 4 week period of their rotation.

Availability of Library Materials
All books, video tapes, AV equipment, requisites, syllabi, and multi-media CDs and LDs, will be stored in locked cabinets & are available for loan. The librarian will have the only access to cabinet keys (with an extra set in the administrative and business offices in case of emergencies).

In addition, a special group of journals which contain review articles (designated “special review journals”) will also be locked in cabinets:

Seminars in CT, Ultrasound, and MR;
Clinics of North America;
Radiographics; and
Seminars in Roentgenology

The above materials can only be signed out between 9:00 am. and 5:00 pm. for loan by those with borrowing privileges or can be accessed by those without borrowing privileges within the library also between 9:00 am. and 5:00.

Journals will continue to be available on the book shelves but are strictly for use within the library and cannot be removed from the library.

Borrowing Policy
A limited loan policy has been established. Only 3 books/items are permitted to be borrowed at any one time. Items borrowed must be returned within the loan period of time directly and in person to the librarian or his/her replacement - the librarian will immediately remove your name from the loan list (otherwise you are responsible for the loan material). Items may not be passed on from one individual to another but must be returned to the library and appropriately signed out to the next borrower.

Loan Periods
Core Rotation Book
4 week rotation; one book loaned to a single resident per rotation for the term of the rotation

2 weeks, renewable 2 week periods if no demand

Special Review Journals
1 week

ACR files, TF x-rays, video tapes
1 week

CD ROM & LD Discs
1 day

Projectors and Carousels
1 day, at discretion of librarian

Penalties For Not Returning Library Materials
All materials
Fines will be $2.00 per day at the end of the loan period.

CORE rotation books only
There will be a grace period of 2 days after the end of the rotation.

Late returns of over 1 month
The individual must pay for the entire replacement cost of that item.

Lost items
The individual must pay for the entire replacement cost of the entire item.

Individual borrowing items will be solely responsible for that item and will be financially responsible to replace anything lost or misplaced (including items borrowed for visiting students, etc. by a staff member). In addition, all library privileges will be lost and a letter will be sent to the Administration stating that the individual has not fulfilled all his/her obligations and that future recommendations should reflect this.

On-Call Access to Library Material
Selected books considered necessary for after-hours/on-call activities by residents and fellows will be available for usage in the emergency department and at other selected sites. These books may be physically tethered and non-removable, thus eliminating most of the need for emergent access to library books after 5:00 pm.

Food and Cleanliness
Access to the library is a privilege, not a right. All who use it must treat materials and others with respect and must clean up after themselves. Foods must be properly disposed of. If there are persistent problems, the availability of bringing food into the library will be limited.