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RAD-AID: Jamaica

Dr. Krystal Buchanan (front row left)

Yale is profoundly involved in global outreach throughout the country of Jamaica. The team led by Krystal Buchanan, MD with participation of residents, attendings and technologists, travels there annually to teach the local radiology residents and perform workshops for the technologists.

Our recruited technologists have so far have taught ultrasound, CT and MRI to the local technologists and residents through collaboration and ongoing support of RAD-AID International. Our established sites for outreach are the main public hospitals in the country, including Montego Bay and Kingston. We have also developed a lecture-sharing program through which we broadcast lectures live to the Radiology residents at the main teaching hospital in Kingston. Some of these residents have also been accepted for electives at our institution in their field of choice.

These outreach initiatives have been well received locally and our residents have benefited immensely from these experiences. We are excited about maintaining a strong relationship in the future and hope you will join us in this very rewarding and fulfilling mission!

RAD-AID International, in conjunction with the RAD-AID Chapter at Yale University College of Medicine, completed Radiology Readiness at Kingston Public Hospital in Jamaica during 2016. During that visit, an educational seminar was held for radiologists and radiographers on topics of ultrasound, computed tomography, and image analysis. Hospitals visited as part of the program include Kingston Public Hospital, Bustamante Hospital for Children, University Hospital of the West Indies, and Cornwall Regional Hospital. The work was presented at the 2016 RAD-AID Conference at the World Health Organization (WHO), Washington, DC.