Information Technology

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly half the world has little or no radiology services or access to picture archiving and communication systems (PACS), electronic health records, radiological information systems (RIS), or hospital information systems.

The Yale Global outreach team has a dedicated focus of implementing PACS setup at various sites. To this goal, the implementation of PACS at MOI was successfully completed in December of 2014 (Song JW et al. Successful Implementation of a PACS in Tanzania. Journal of the American College Radiology).

The digitization of images which enables the radiologist to store, pan, zoom, save, retrieve and compare images became possible with these efforts. Currently we are playing an active role in launching the usage of microphones and dictation software for usage in Tanzania for the first time, training staff and providing support as needed. This is an exciting step and will improve radiology services in Tanzania.


*"Speech Recognition to cut Waiting time in Muhimbili"