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Thank you so much for your interest in the Yale Radiology Global Outreach Program.

We are overwhelmed by the keen interest and enthusiastic encouragement for our efforts, both online and offline; and many of you have asked for a way to directly support us.

We are preparing to launch the first ever Interventional Radiology training program in Tanzania this October 2018. The main costs of this training program will be travel expenses for US-based Interventional Radiology teaching faculty, who will spend two weeks teaching and taking care of patients in Tanzania – see one, do one, teach one!

We estimate travel expenses per US-based faculty to be under $2,000 USD; which will cover round trip air-travel to Tanzania and two weeks of accommodation in Dar Es Salaam. We are planning to send 10 faculty each year, for 3 years. Therefore, our immediate ask is for $20,000 USD; but if we raised $60,000 USD this year – we would gain the amazing freedom to focus only on training the first generation of Interventional Radiologists in Tanzania!

We welcome any donation amount, small and large, towards our fundraising goal.

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Thank you so much for supporting the Yale Radiology Global Outreach Program.