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Thank you so much for your interest and support for the Tanzania Interventional Radiology Initiative!

We just concluded a very successful inaugural three week trip this October and November, 2018; where we rotated two full IR teams consisting of an IR Physician, IR Nurse and IR Technologist. We successfully performed 37 IR procedures at Muhimbili National Hospital, without any major complications; procedures included percutaneous biliary drainage, percutaneous nephrostomy, percutaneous abscess drainage and core needle biopsies. We also started the formal training of 7 radiology resident trainees, who are slowly being transformed into IR fellows!

We were incredibly fortunate to also receive travel grant support from the Doximity Foundation, which in turn allowed us to support airfare costs for two IR nurses and one IR technologist. For our initial fundraising appeal, we had not anticipated needing to support travel costs for the entire IR team – but having IR nurses and IR technologists onboard proved invaluable to the success of this inaugural trip, allowing us to start training a multi-disciplinary IR team in Tanzania, from the very beginning!

We have therefore increased our fundraising goal to $40,000 USD per year, to help support travel costs for 10 IR Teams per year at $4,000 USD per IR team. The 2019 IR teams are already signed-up and very excited to continue our IR initiative in Tanzania, and with your help we look forward to supporting them, our IR trainees and patients in Tanzania!

We welcome any donation* amount, small and large, towards our fundraising goal.

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*Donations to the Tanzania Interventional Radiology Initiative are tax-deductible under 501(c)(3) rules.