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  • Tweed Airport, New Haven, CT
    Serviced by: US Air
    Travel Time to YNNH: Approx 10 minutes.
    Taxi and car rentals are available.

  • Bradley Airport, Windsor Locks, CT
    Serviced by: All Major Airlines
    Travel time to YNNH: Approx 60 minutes.
    Car rentals are available.

  • New York Airports (LaGuardia and JFK)
    Serviced by: All Major Airlines including Jet Blue and Air Tran
    Travel Time to YNNH: Varies, approx 2 hours.

Note: There are many methods of traveling to New Haven after arriving at a New York City airport. One option is to travel to Grand Central Station, where you can connect to the Metro North Railroad to travel to New Haven. Caution: when viewing schedules on the Metro North website, please make sure you choose New Haven as your destination NOT New Haven-State Street.

You may also take a shuttle from a New York airport to Penn Station and connect to an Amtrak train to New Haven. Amtrak trains are more expensive than Metro North. Unless you have a USA Rail pass, it is not recommended that you travel via Amtrak.

Connecticut Limo, 1-800-437-LIMO, also provides shuttle services from New York Airports to New Haven. Please allow for three hours of travel time when using Connecticut Limo.