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General Information

P.O. Box 208042, MRC 147 
New Haven, CT 06520-8042 
Admin Assistant, Susan Finkle



The Section of Musculoskeletal (MSK) Imaging is made up of five full-time MSK trained radiologists.

Yale Musculoskeletal Imaging performs a complete and comprehensive range of imaging from plain film to CT, and MRI. Our service covers a variety of MSK disorders including trauma, arthritis, joint replacements, pediatrics, foot and ankle, spine, and sports medicine. We perform over 600 MRI arthrograms per year and have one of the largest series of MRI arthrograms in the United States. We have developed a large interventional bone biopsy service as a result of referrals made to the Yale Orthopedic Oncology Service as well as a joint injection service.


Our faculty have a strong commitment to resident education which is practiced on a daily clinical level, as well as having monthly teaching conferences. There is a dedicated MSK fellowship program now in its fifth year. A major draw to the cross sectional imaging fellowship is the ability to spend several months per year doing MSK MRI.


There is a strong affiliation with the Department of Orthopedics at Yale and therefore the MSK service is involved in their department’s clinical and research activities as well. We have several shared conferences per month including MRI Sports Medicine, a weekly Radiology-Pathology conference for tumor review including a monthly Radiology-Pathology resident teaching conference.

Yale MSK faculty are associated with the Society of Skeletal Radiology, and have been on the teaching faculty of the RSNA. The section has several outside grants supporting our research endeavors. Aside from teaching and clinical commitments, each faculty member contributes to administrative duties in the Department. Dr. Katz, chief of the MSK Section, has been named Co-Director of the Radiology Section of the Yale New Haven Shoreline Medical Center and is also Director of the Yale Radiology Grand Rounds Program. Dr. Haims is Assistant Director of the Radiology Medical Student Education Program as well as the Yale MSK Fellowship Program. Both Dr. Katz and Dr. Haims sit on various departmental committees.

Research Direction

  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) arthrography
  • Sports injuries
  • High resolution imaging of small joints such as the ankle, elbow and wrist
  • CT imaging of orthopedic trauma
  • Interventional bone biopsy
  • MSK disorders including trauma and arthritis
  • Joint replacements

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