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Yale Diagnostic Medical Physics (YDMP) is a new section of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging Department of Yale School of Medicine and Yale New Haven Hospital. The group is tasked with providing advanced level of expertise encompassing all of the diagnostic imaging modalities clinical and educational needs. The section services includes providing image optimization and quality verification, updating of imaging protocols, clinical testing and validation of new imaging technologies and radiation dose monitoring and management.

In addition to teaching of Diagnostic Radiology residents the ABR diagnostic imaging physics curriculum, the section new initiatives includes collaboration with the department imaging modalities technical staff to provide rotating radiology residents training on imaging physics, quality and safety aspects of the modalities.

The section research and clinical development interests include image quality optimization, radiation dose management, age and gender benefit-risk analysis of imaging procedures and quantification of disease conditions using multiple imaging modalities. Currently collaborating with scientists, radiologists and clinicians in areas of CT, IR and MRI detection, quantification and optimization.

The Medical Physics section is an integral part of Yale New Haven Hospital. The section plays an important role as a valuable resource to the department administration and management through the processes of equipment specification, optimal utilization, cost containment, patient satisfaction, staff continuing education, drafting of policies, and procedures to meet accreditation and regulatory requirements.

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