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Body Imaging

General Information

P.O.Box 208042, MR Center
New Haven, CT. 06520
Admin Assistant, Susan Finkle



Yale Body Imaging specializes in imaging disorders of the Abdomen and Pelvis, but also covers other parts of the body (eg. some chest CTs and MRIs and many vascular exams). With experts in magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound, computed tomography, and fluoroscopy, the section is committed to teaching at the graduate and post-graduate levels while delivering high quality clinical care. The breadth of experience among the faculty is reflected in the wide range of academic pursuits enjoyed by the section, ranging from evaluation of novel ultrasonic contrast agents to quantification of liver fibrosis in an animal model.

The Body Imaging section reading rooms are located in Yale-New Haven Hospital and Smilow Cancer Center. Studies performed at a number of affiliated outpatient imaging centers are read remotely on the main campus. In addition to teaching Yale Medical students and Diagnostic Radiology residents, the section hosts two Body Imaging fellowship positions (ultrasound, body CT, body MR, electives) and two Body MRI fellowship positions, as well as fellowships Women's Imaging or Cardiovascular Imaging with Body Imaging/Body MRI.


The section offers two intra-departmental conferences (Interesting Case Conference and Body Club) each week where interesting/difficult cases are shown as a catalyst for discussion of topics and controversies in abdominal imaging. There is a weekly Fellows Conference where advanced topics in abdominal imaging are presented in a didactic forum. A conference focused on topics in ultrasound is also held weekly, in conjunction with the ultrasound technologists. Section faculty/fellows participate in numerous multidisciplinary conferences each week on topics including (but not limited to) GI Cancer Tumor Board, Liver Tumor Board, Lymphoma, Melanoma, GU Tumor Board, and Surgical Morbidity and Mortality.

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