YNHH Recently Signed an Agreement with Primordial

A vendor for medical imaging, communications, workflow, quality management and analytics applications.


March 9, 2017

YNHH System recently signed an agreement with Primordial, a vendor for medical imaging communications, workflow, quality management and analytics applications. Primordial will become the engine efficiently driving the radiologist universal worklist, Prism, providing sophisticated filtering according to daily assignments throughout a number of locations and responsibilities. Prism allows departments to implement assignment rules, real-time productivity tracking, rotation-based worklist adjustments, service-level reprioritization, clinical directives and customizable bidirectional integration with PACS, dictation, EMR, document management and other customer systems. Quick access to protocoling, peer review and critical results communications can all be accomplish from the same screen. Communication with technologists and ordering providers is streamlined through live chat and live requests for consultation.

Primordial's search application integrates external data sources beyond radiology reports, including path and lab data. The Lab and Path data enhance Primordial's unified patient view, "Patient Jacket,” and support features such as Rad-Path correlation and notification. Departments can also now track patient and referring M.D. compliance with follow-up recommendations and create worklists to facilitate follow-ups and reminders for patients returning to the department.

As importantly, Primordial provides all users with real time Analytics to monitor volumes, turn around time, compliance with priority reading and critical results communications among others.