Philpotts and Durand Explain 3D Mammography to Washington Reps

Liane Philpotts and Melissa Durand went to Washington, DC this month, where they participated in events informing representatives and interest groups about 3D mammography digital breast tomosynthesis (TOMO). They spent the morning demonstrating TOMO cases to visitors on a mobile coach unit parked outside the capitol building. In the afternoon, Drs. Philpotts and Durand had several meetings with various representatives on the Hill. 

As 'neutral' radiologists, they shared their data and experiences with TOMO and it had a strong impact on the committee. Hopefully this meeting, along with the demonstration of the 3D technology, will help move along establishing reimbursement for TOMO, which is greatly needed. 

Women's Health professionals have been trying to clarify 3D technology and it's importance in breast imaging but it wasn't until Liane and Melissa explained this new technology that the committee finally had a true appreciation of 3D mammography.  

Drs. Philpotts and Durand described that digital breast tomosynthesis allows the radiologist to view the breast in thin "slices" rather than as a whole and should improve detection of lesions and will also reduce false alarms due to overlapping normal tissues. Optimistically, this will change how the industry screens women in the future.