Hewitt Radiology Library gets a face-lift

The Hewitt Library in the Department of Diagnostic Radiology at Yale was recently renovated to best accommodate the growing needs of our residents, faculty and fellows. The department's library was home to many older editions of radiology journals, general medicine and radiology textbooks; many of which have been recently donated to various libraries in developing nations such as Africa, India and Sri Lanka.

In the Hewitt Library itself, six advanced computer workstations complete with flat-panel displays have been added and the new space now accommodates two conference size tables designed for departmental meetings, resident studies and research. An additional goal for this year is to convert the library's teaching film files to a digital database of the entire collection.

Adjacent to the Hewitt Library is the department's Resident's Room, which underwent its own renovation. Now equipped with the comforts of a “home away from home” and the convenience of a modern kitchen, the resident's room is an inviting place in which to read, sleep, have a meal or relax w/fellow students. More