Robert I. White, MD to receive Genetic Alliance Award: “Paying Tribute to our Heroes”

Winners of the Genetic Alliance Awards were announced for 2005 and among them was our own Yale Diagnostic Radiology Professor, Robert I. White, Jr., MD, Director of the Yale Vascular Malformation Center. The award was given to Dr. White and the Yale University HHT Treatment Center of Excellence for making a difference in the lives of individuals living with HHT. “This honor represents the collaboration and partnership of an extraordinary multidiscipline HHT team of clinicians and support staff. Without their help and willingness to pitch in on tough cases, this award would never have come to us,” says Dr. White, who founded the Yale HHT Center in 1988 for the care and management of patients with vascular malformations.

The Genetic Alliance is an international coalition comprised of more than 600 advocacy, research and healthcare organizations that represent millions of individuals with genetic conditions and their interests.

Members of the Yale HHT team are Douglas Ross, MD, Associate Professor of Surgery in Otolaryngology; Guadalupe Garcia-Tsao, MD, Professor of Internal Medicine in Hepatology; Larry Young, MD, Professor of Internal Medicine in Cardiology; Deborah Proctor, MD, Associate Professor of Internal Medicine in Digestive Diseases; Jeffrey Pollak, MD, Associate Professor and Co-Section Chief Vascular/Interventional Radiology; Katharine Henderson, MS, Genetic Counselor and Cinda D'Addio, Sr. Administrative Assistant.