Yale MR Center Replaces First Magnet

YNHH is replacing its oldest MRI scanner with state-of-the-art 1.5T and 3.0T systems manufactured by GE. In order to accommodate the new MR scanners and provide a higher quality of patient care, the MR facility is undergoing a major renovation. This will include a play space for pediatric patients and an area dedicated to anesthesiology, so that MR scans for the sickest and youngest patients can be facilitated. The new scanners will be delivered in April and will be operational in May. At that time, YNHH will have a total of five whole body MRI scanners.

Along with the improvements in the facility and the MRI scanners, the YNHH and the MRI section, in partnership with GE, are undertaking two innovative projects designed to dramatically improve operations and patient care. The first is a multifaceted training program, which seeks to raise the educational and skill level of the technical staff so they can provide the most advanced MRI applications. The second project is a business process improvement effort aimed at improving workflow efficiency and quality.

YNHH was one of the first institutions in the Northeast to provide clinical MRI services for patients. The new equipment, facility renovation, advanced training, and process improvement efforts will permit YNHH to continue to assume a leadership position in clinical MRI and provide the highest level of care for the public.

Jeffrey C. Weinreb, M.D., FACR
Diagnostic Radiology
Yale University School of Medicine