Richard Carson, PhD and Bruce McClennan, MD named as "Most Influential in Radiology" by RT IMAGE Magazine: The weekly source for radiology professionals.

25 Most Influential in Radiology Recognizing the movers and shakers in the radiology industry
(Taken from the article "25 Most Influential in Radiology" 2009. Vol.22, no. 26 - September 7, 2009).

We read the studies. We scoured the news. We interviewed, contemplated, and debated. Most importantly, we asked our readers for their opinions. Rt image is proud to present the 2009 roster of radiology's most powerful people, institutions, and organizations. Whether their influence comes in numbers or from the dedication of one, all those on our list demonstrate the drive, character and integrity that deserve the title, "Most Influential."

Richard E. Carson, PhD: "Keep the change"

The old adage “The only constant is change” perfectly describes radiology, for the field is rife with new technologies, techniques, and theories. Richard E. Carson, PhD, educates others about these changes as professor of diagnostic radiology and biomedical engineering at Yale University, director of Yale’s PET Center, and as researcher. His dedication to education was recognized in 2008 when he received the Sheffield Distinguished Teaching Award from the Yale School of Engineering.

Carson currently studies how mathematical techniques can apply to PET imaging. His research, however, is not limited to the laboratory. He teaches his findings to others through more than 150 published journal articles and more than 50 invited lectures. In 2007, Carson received the Kuhl-Lassen Lecture Award from the Society of Nuclear Medicine’s (SNM) Brain Imaging Council. His position on the editorial board of the prestigious Journal of Nuclear Medicine and the Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism further demonstrates his devotion to educating others about new discoveries.

Other recent awards have illustrated Carson’s leadership and dedication to positively changing radiology. In 2008, he became a member of the College of Fellows of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering, and in 2009 won the Ed Hoffman Memorial Award from SNM’s Computer and Instrumentation Council for his contributions to the field. 

Bruce L. McClennan, MD: "Finger on the pulse" 

In the study of journalism, editors are often referred to as “gatekeepers” because they control what information reaches the masses and becomes news. If that’s the case, then Bruce L. McClennan, MD, is at the gates of the radiology castle. As editor of the RSNA News, the monthly newsmagazine for the largest radiological society, he sits at the doorway to a world of research and discoveries.

“I get great satisfaction from taking the science and information in this rapidly expanding field and helping to distill it into 28 pages month after month,” McClennan says. “[I enjoy] being part of that process and being able to help identify what’s newsworthy and knowing it’s appreciated by 40,000 members.”

We at rt image know the daunting task of picking and choosing among all the amazing breakthroughs and latest technology advancements for publication – it’s our full-time job. But McClennan also finds the time to continue practicing body CT, teaching future radiologists as a professor of diagnostic radiology at Yale University School of Medicine in New Haven, Conn., and serving on several committees for the RSNA.

This year, McClennan received American Roentgen Ray Society’s highest award, the Gold Medal for Distinguished Service to Radiology, and a gold medal award from the Society of Uroradiology. He earned these noteworthy awards as a testament to his dedication and vast contributions to the field. He is a member of more than 20 societies and has been an editorial board member and reviewer for numerous journals in addition to authoring many books, chapters, presentations, and papers. 

Excerpts taken from the article "25 Most Influential in Radiology" 2009. Vol.22, no. 26 - September 7, 2009.