Richard E. Carson Named Recipient of Kuhl-Lassen Lecture Award for Research in Brain Imaging


Richard E. Carson, PhD , professor of Diagnostic Radiology and Biomedical Engineering and director of the PET Center at Yale University, New Haven, CT., is the recipient of the "Kuhl-Lassen Lecture Award" for Research in Brain Imaging. This award, presented annually by The Society of Nuclear Medicine's Brain Imaging Council honors a scientist who has made significant contributions to the field of functional brain imaging using single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) and PET. Carson addressed "Quantitative Neuroreceptor Imaging With PET: Madness in the Methods or Method to the Madness."

Before coming to Yale, Carson served as senior scientist, 2004–05, and chief of the modeling and physics section, 1998–05, both with the PET department with the National Institutes of Health. He was a staff scientist with NIH's nuclear medicine/PET department from 1987–98 and a staff fellow with its nuclear medicine department from 1983–87. He received his doctorate from the Department of Biomathematics, School of Medicine, at the University of California, Los Angeles. He received his bachelor's degree in applied mathematics/biology from Brown University.

Carson's research uses PET as a tool to noninvasively measure a wide range of in vivo physiology in human beings and laboratory animals, focusing on the development and applications of new tracer kinetic modeling methods and algorithms and on research in PET image reconstruction and image quantification. A primary focus of his biological applications is the measurement of dynamic changes in neurotransmitters.