ACRIN 2006 Outstanding Contributions Award to Drs. Mutalik and Vassilieva


Pradeep Mutalik, MD and Svetlana Vassilieva, MD, Clinical Research Coordinators for the Department of Diagnostic Radiology, recently earned the ACRIN 2006 Outstanding Contributions Award for their exceptional efforts in accruing subjects for the ACRIN protocol 6664 at Yale University.

Using extraordinary measures and overcoming formidable obstacles, Drs. Mutalik and Vassilieva were able to pull Yale from the bottom three sites in July, 2005 to the top site in meeting the recruitment targets reported in August, 2006. After losing the Connecticut Veterans Administration in West Haven as a study site, and having a new outpatient Center at the Yale Health Plan siphon off 10 screening cases a week from the Yale-New Haven Hospital pool, the patient collective for ACRIN protocol 6664 was reduced to a third of the potential recruitments.

By extending the GI physician pool to recruit every potential patient into the study, traveling long distances to meet with patients, regularly transporting them to and from hospitals, and connecting with patients on weekends if required, Pradeep and Svetlana accrued scores of patients who would have been otherwise lost to the study. As a result of their efforts, the recruitment rate increased beyond expectations.

“I know that this project could not have been successful at Yale without Pradeep and Svetlana's extraordinary efforts. They deserve to get recognition from ACRIN for their exceptional work,” stated Jugesh Cheema, MD, Site PI for Yale ACRIN 6664 “The National CT Colonography Trial”.

We are proud to have these dedicated professionals who are committed to research as part of our Diagnostic Radiology family.

ACRIN (American College of Radiology Imaging Network) - a National Cancer Institute-funded cooperative group. ACRIN's overarching goal is - through clinical trials of diagnostic imaging and image-guided therapeutic technologies to generate information that will lengthen and improve the quality of the lives of cancer patients.