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Stephen Dellaporta, PhD

Professor of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

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Stephen Dellaporta, PhD

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The future of food security will increasing depend on the ability to efficiently interpret large amounts of biological and environmental data. An essential objective will be to identify and characterize useful genetic diversity and use this information to rapidly respond to emerging biotic and abiotic threats using genomic selection, genome-editing and traditional breeding approaches. To implement these technologies, advances will be needed in high throughput genomics, phenomics and predictive statistical methods as it applies to populations. My lab develops genetic and genomic methods for plant population studies together with novel computation and predictive statistical methods to identify and characterize useful genetic diversity in plants. We work with international collaborators to develop strategies to generate extensive mapping populations and associated high-throughput genomic, computational and statistical methods to identify agronomic useful variants that will be the subject of genome-editing and selection for enhanced food security.

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