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Jennifer M. Kwan, MD/PhD

Assistant Professor of Medicine (Cardiovascular Medicine)

Contact Information

Jennifer M. Kwan, MD/PhD

Research Summary

Contributed to the full spectrum of research, from basic science/mechanistic genetic mouse models, translational to epidemiological analyses of large datasets such as the SRTR (transplant registry) featuring 200k+ pts to evaluate risk factors associated with adverse transplant outcomes in obese patients and the UCSF dataset w/several million patients to evaluate for cardio-oncology adverse outcomes risk factors.

Extensive Research Description

I conducted molecular biology research at UC Berkeley to elucidate genetic regulatory elements in innate immune response and gluconeogenesis/lipogenesis in HIV patients on omega 3 supplements --> MSTP (MD/PhD) training with PhD in biochemistry and molecular genetics using animal models to elucidate role of insulin pathway in adipogenesis and tumorigenesis --> T32 training with IRB approved human translational studies coupled with epidemiological training/studies to try to understand why obesity increases risk of adverse renal transplant/cardio renal outcomes. I harvested human adipose tissue from lean and obese individuals, isolated exosomes/miRNA and lymphocytes via flow cytometry and performed RNA seq transcriptomic analyses to identify differentially expressed and functional pathways. Currently interested/working on translational and big data research in cardio-oncology, to better understand those at risk for adverse cardiovascular effects with goal of improving cardiovascular outcomes of cancer patients, particularly patients on new tyrosine kinase inhibitors and immunotherapy such as checkpoint inhibitors.


Research Interests

Arrhythmias, Cardiac; Medical Oncology; Cardiomyopathies

Selected Publications