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Franziska Bleichert, PhD

Assistant Professor

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Franziska Bleichert, PhD

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Research Summary

Accurate and timely replication of chromosomal DNA is essential to sustain genome integrity and requires highly efficient replication machineries that will synthesize approximately 2 light years of DNA during a human’s life time. In the Bleichert lab, we are interested in understanding how replication machineries are assembled on the chromatin template during replication initiation, how DNA and chromatin is subsequently replicated, and how the chromatin architecture in turn helps regulate key replication events. To this end, we use an integrated mix of biochemical, biophysical, structural (single-particle cryo-electron microscopy and X-ray crystallography), and in vivo genetic approaches. Our goal is to establish molecular models for how the complex interplay between chromatin structure and DNA replication contributes to maintaining chromosome copy number and genome stability, and for how deregulation of these events contributes to human disease.

Research Interests

DNA Replication; Genomic Instability

Selected Publications