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Chenxiang Lin, PhD

Associate Professor of Cell Biology and of Biomedical Engineering; Associate Director, Nanobiology Institute

Contact Information

Chenxiang Lin, PhD

Lab Location

Mailing Address

  • Nanobiology Institute, Yale University

    P.O. BOX 27396

    West Haven, CT 06516-7396

    United States

Research Summary

Nature has evolved sophisticated and highly efficient molecular machineries for all forms of lives. Our lab focuses on engineering DNA-nanostructure-based molecular tools for investigating and engineering the naturally occurring molecular events. Those DNA-based tools have made it possible for us to manipulate macromolecules and higher order assemblies with nanometer precision. We expect such research to help elucidate biological questions at the single-molecule level, and in the long run lead to functional synthetic nano-machines that rival natural systems in complexity.

Research themes in our lab include:

  1. Structural DNA Nanotechnology: rational design of self-assembled DNA nanostructure with ever-increasing complexity and size.
  2. Single-Molecule Biophysics: study of biomolecule interactions through DNA-directed self-assembly and other single-molecule techniques.
  3. Biosensing and Imaging: developing nucleic-acid-based barcodes as multiplexed biosensors and/or in situ imaging probes.
  4. Synthetic Biology: rebuild naturally existing machineries (e.g., SNARE complex, nuclear pore, etc.) with artificial components and/or spatial arrangement.


Research Interests

Biophysics; Cell Membrane; Cell Biology; DNA; Lipid Bilayers; Membrane Fusion; Membranes, Artificial; Reference Standards; Nucleic Acid Probes; Biosensing Techniques; Nuclear Pore; Nanotechnology; Nanostructures

Selected Publications