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Cenk Tek, MD

Professor of Psychiatry; Director, Psychosis Program, CMHC

Contact Information

Cenk Tek, MD

Office Location

Research Summary

Our lab can accommodate limited number of students for small projects on cognition in schizophrenia or cross-sectional case control studies in clinical subjects in relevance to schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders. We are also interested in human reward mechanisms and appetite regulation, and can support small student projects in these areas.

Specialized Terms: Schizophrenia; Psycho-pharmacology; Cognitive neuroscience; Translational neuroscience; Working memory; Cognitive impairment in schizophrenia; Medical comorbidities in schizophrenia; Obesity and mental illness; Human reward mechanisms and appetite regulation


Research Interests

Memory; Obesity; Psychiatry; Schizophrenia; Diseases; Psychiatry and Psychology; Health Care

Selected Publications

Clinical Trials

ConditionsStudy Title
Diseases of the Digestive System - Stomach; Obesity & Weight ControlTreatments to Treat Loss-of-Control Eating and Improve Weight Outcomes after Bariatric Surgery
Mental Health & Behavioral ResearchPredictive Coding and Unusual Experiences