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Allen Bale, MD

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Professor of Genetics


Director, Fellowship in Laboratory Genetics and Genomics; Director, DNA Diagnostic Lab



Professor of Genetics

Director, Fellowship in Laboratory Genetics and Genomics; Director, DNA Diagnostic Lab


Education & Training

Postdoctoral Fellow
National Cancer Institute (1988)
Western Pennsylvania Hospital (1983)
University of Massachusetts, Medicine (1979)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Life sciences (1975)



The application of new molecular techniques to clinical diagnosis is the focus of the lab. Translational research projects include use of cutting edge, high-throughput sequencing to detect large structural variation and global methylation alterations in the human germline and in tumors. . Through collaboration with other investigators in the Department of Genetics and elsewhere in the medical school, we carry the most recent discoveries about genetic disorders and novel methodology from the research laboratory to the medical setting.

Medical Subject Headings (MeSH)

Congenital Abnormalities; Congenital, Hereditary, and Neonatal Diseases and Abnormalities; DNA; Fanconi Syndrome; Genetics; Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia; Neoplastic Syndromes, Hereditary; Skin Neoplasms

Research at a Glance

Yale Co-Authors

Frequent collaborators of Allen Bale's published research.





Academic Achievements and Community Involvement

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    Breast and Ovarian Cancer

Clinical Care


Allen Bale, MD, is a clinical geneticist who has spent nearly three decades investigating cancer predisposition syndromes, which occur when a person inherits one or more genes that predispose him or her to cancer. For example, one of the better-known genes that can be inherited with a mutation is the BRCA1 gene. A mutation in this gene increases the risk that a person will develop breast cancer.

Dr. Bale also oversees clinical genome sequencing at the Yale Center for Genome Analysis. His research replies on the latest “DNA sequencing technology for the discovery of new human disease genes,” Dr. Bale says.

He has collaborated on many research projects, including with the Hospital General de Mexico on hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. Dr. Bale is a professor of genetics at Yale School of Medicine.

Clinical Specialties

Genetics; Clinical Genetics

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    AB of Medical Genetics
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    AB of Internal Medicine
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