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Oscar Rene Colegio, MD, PhD
Patient Care Locations
Yale Dermatology AssociatesDoctors Building
2 Church Street South, Ste 305

New Haven, CT 06519
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Yale Transplant Dermatology ClinicYale Physicians Building
800 Howard Avenue, Ste 4th Floor

New Haven, CT 06519
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Office Location
Laboratory OfficeHunter Building
15 York Street, Ste Suite 603b

New Haven, CT 06510
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Mailing Address
Dermatology333 Cedar Street, LMP 5040
PO Box 208059

New Haven, CT 06520-8059

Colegio Lab

Tumor-associated Macrophages in Human Melanoma

Metastatic melanoma with macrophages stained in brown and the inflammasome protein NLRC4 stained in fuschia.

Tumor-associated Macrophages Lung Carcinoma

Lung carcinoma, highlighting tumor-associated macrophages in yellow.