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NIH Training Grant

Grant Overview

The faculty of the Department of Dermatology trains future leaders of academic dermatology in a program which has been carefully integrated with strong investigators in other departments.

Our department provides an environment which facilitates the training of research dermatologists: sixteen of the nineteen full time faculty members maintain active laboratory research programs, and the other three direct creative clinical research programs. Each trainee has two primary advisors: one inside and one outside the Dermatology Department, and research is performed in the laboratory of one of these advisors.


Marianne Sparapani-Rusgrove

(203) 737-6879

Program Results

Of the twelve post-doctoral fellows who have completed their training during the current period, nine have continued active research, five as faculty members in dermatology departments, one in basic science department and four in training programs. They have published extensively, and four have won national awards for their research accomplishments. Training will continue to be offered at several levels in the biological and clinical aspects of benign and malignant pigment cells, of keratinocyte growth and differentiation, of microvasculature structure and wound healing, in the study of malignant human T lymphocytes, in basic molecular and cellular immunology and in photochemistry.