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Dermatology Administration:


Jennifer Mulligan, MBA
Lead Administrator/ Director of Finance and Administration

Business Office:

Clinical Operations:

Lab Administration-Dermatopathology:

IT Support:

Administrative Support:

  • Lisa Anastasio-Rotella (203)785-3173 Supervisor-Adminstrative Support 
  • Karen Blake (203)737-6853 Assistant to Chair and CME Coordinator 
  • Lisa Rao (203)785-4110 Residency Coordinator 
  • Jenna Clark (203)785-5442 Senior Administrative Assistant-Faculty Support 
  • Geraldine Haddon (203)785-5364 Senior Administrative Assistant-Faculty Support 
  • Chastity Colon (203)785-7105 PCC Clinical Receptionist/ Medical Assistant
  • Jillian Gallaher (203)785-4573 PCC Clinical Receptionist/ Medical Assistant