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The Office of the Ombuds helps people express concerns, resolve disputes, manage conflict and learn more productive ways of communicating. The Ombudsperson listens to people, offers information about policies and procedures, and helps people examine options for resolving concerns.

The Ombudsperson, when making recommendations, suggests actions or policies that will be equitable to all parties. When appropriate, the Ombuds may offer to provide mediation, shuttle diplomacy, or facilitate your access to other resources.

The Ombuds Office provides a source of support for students, faculty, trainees and staff who want to develop options for addressing a particular concern, or who may wish to consider learning how to deal with problems of their own. The Ombudsperson, as a designated neutral, maintains confidentiality concerning matters that are brought to his/her attention unless given permission to do otherwise. The only exception is when there appears to be an imminent threat of serious harm.

The Ombudsperson takes all reasonable steps to protect any records and files pertaining to confidential discussions from inspection by all other persons, including management.

The Ombudsperson does not testify in any formal judicial or administrative hearing about concerns brought to his/her attention.

Merle WaxmanĀ 

Confidential Line
(203) 737-4100


Office of the Ombudsperson

The Ombuds Office is a Neutral, Safe, and Confidential Place where persons can bring issues with which they are concerned.

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