Olfactory Nerve


Figure 1-1. Overview of olfactory nerve.

The olfactory nerve has only a special sensory component. 

Special sensory (special afferent)- Functions in the special sense of smell or olfaction. 

The olfactory system consists of the olfactory epithelium, bulbs and tracts along with olfactory areas of the brain collectively known as the rhinencephalon.

Olfactory Epithelium

Figure 1-2. Olfactory Epithelium
Figure 1-2. Olfactory epithelium.

The olfactory epithelium is located in the roof, superior conchae, and septum of the nasal cavity.

The epithelium is kept moist by the secretions of olfactory glands. 

Olfactory receptor cells are bipolar nerve cells with a peripherally directed dendrite which terminates in a knob from which project numerous cilia. 

The olfactory chemoreceptors are located on these cilia.