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National Evaluation System for health Technology


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Dhruva SS, Shah N, Vemulapalli S, Deshmukh A, Beatty A, Gamble G, Freeman J, Hummel J, Piccini J, Akar J, Ervin K, Arges K, Emanuel Lindsay, Noseworthy P, Hu T, Bartlett V, Ross JS. Heart Watch Study: protocol for a pragmatic randomised controlled trial. BMJ Open. 2021;11. e054550. 10.1136/bmjopen-2021-054550.

Jiang G, Dhruva SS, Chen J, Schulz WL, Doshi AA, Noseworthy PA, Zhang S, Yu Y, Young HP, Brandt E, Ervin KR, Shah ND, Ross JS, Coplan P, Drozda JP. Feasibility of capturing real-world data from health information technology systems at multiple centers to assess cardiac ablation device outcomes: A fit-for-purpose informatics analysis report. Journal of American Medical Informatics Association. 2021; 28(10):2241-2250.