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ACC Analytic Center


Since 2007, Yale CORE has served as a data analytic center (DAC) for the ICD RegistryTM and the CathPCI Registry® of the American College of Cardiology Foundation's National Cardiovascular Data Registry (NCDR®). More recently, NCDR's ACTION Registry®, LAAO RegistryTM and Afib Ablation Registry TM were added to the stable of Yale CORE NCDR registries. The goal of this work is to generate new knowledge and insights into the care of patients with cardiovascular disease through analysis of the robust data submitted to the NCDR® registries. A team of CORE researchers work closely with NCDR® staff to provide logistical and analytical support for research proposals related to its ICD Registry®, CathPCI RegistryTM, ACTION Registry®, LAAO RegistryTM and Afib Ablation Registry TM.

As of May 2018, 101 studies of the ICD RegistryTM have been conducted, resulting in 72 published (or in press) articles and 76 abstracts presented at professional meetings. For the CathPCI Registry ®, 40 studies have been supported by Yale CORE analysis, resulting in the publication of 24 papers and the presentation of 35 abstracts at conferences. Four studies in the ACTION Registry® have resulted in 2 published articles and 3 presented abstracts.

Visit the NCDR website for more information on the NCDR®ICD RegistryTM, the CathPCI Registry ®, and the Chest Pain - MI Registry™ (Formerly the ACTION Registry®).