Research Electron Microscopy Service

The Facility provides services in specimen collection, fixation, immunocytochemical staining and preparation for ultrastructural analyses using transmission electron microscopy.

Services provided:

  • Specimen collection and fixation (including small rodent perfusions or immersion fixation of cells or tissue).
  • Vibratome sectioning of fixed tissue blocks.
  • Pre-embedding immunolabeling of free floating vibratome sections of cultured cells.
  • Embedding sections or cells in resin.
  • Ultrathin sectioning of resin embedded tissues onto single hole slot grids (so that the entire area of tissue is unobscured unlike the case with wire mesh grids).
  • Ultrastructural analyses/documentation by high quality electron micrographs using an FEI Tecnai 12 BioTwin transmission electron microscope.

Electron Microscopy Fees:

FY17InternalExternal SponsoredExternal Non-Sponsored
Live animalEmbedding only356.88597.77734.94
Embedding & Immuno614.051028.531274.33
TissueEmbedding only312.62523.64641.82
Embedding & Immuno569.79954.401181.21

For information on use of the facility, capabilities, or specimen preparation, contact:

Klara Szigeti-Buck,, 203-785-4015

Marya Shanabrough,, 203-785-6426