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Building Process

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The time to take a website project from a dream to fruition depends on many factors, including how much time your staff have to work with us and respond to our questions, how large the site is, and external factors like how difficult it is to schedule photography. However for a medium-sized site, in general, you can expect:

  • A week or two to get the initial meeting scheduled. 
  • One to three months for you to write, edit, and have your text approved internally before giving any of it to us.
  • Once you give us final content that has been edited and approved by your organization, you can expect one to two months before your site goes live. This includes:
    • Time for us to build the text, images and multimedia in your website
    • A few days for you to review and provide us with one list of edits
    • Time for us to input the edits and do QA
    • Time for a final site review meeting
    • Time for us to push the site to the live server, request and program vanity URLs, search collections, redirects, and integrate faculty profiles

Template Notes

The only websites allowed to use the YSM template are officially recognized and perpetuated YSM organizations and entities, such as departments, sections, centers, and programs. Lab and personal faculty websites are also encouraged to use the YSM systems.  Limited exceptions exist.  YSM websites are built in the YSM template using the YSM Content Management System, and built by the YSM Office of Communications. There are no other approved website building options such as YaleSites.

Step 1: Kick-off Meeting

In the initial meeting, you will meet with members of the Office of Communications web team to discuss the various aspects of the project, your responsibilities, and answer any questions. 

A typical meeting covers the following:

  • Establish your needs and requirements for the website
  • Review the process of building your site in the content management system (CMS)
  • Create the draft navigation (from which we will build the site shell) 
  • Assess photography and other multimedia needs for your site
  • Go over responsibilities and work to be performed
  • Set initial production schedule
  • Review the cost, both for the base site building and any additional web-related services