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This section of our site provides more information on the process of building a website in the Tridion content management system and offers guidance on editing your new website’s content once it has gone live. Both official YSM organization websites and lab/personal faculty websites are built in Tridion. The advantages and benefits of being in our system are numerous.

For more information, please contact Justin Navarro, Operations Deputy Director.

Fee Schedule

Website Building Service

The fee schedule for organization sites is based on a per page fee of $150. A page is defined as a unique URL ( and/or 250 words per page.

Website Editing Service

Site Editing is based on a per-page fee of $75. A page is generally defined as either one unique URL address or a page with 250 words of content. If you have multiple edits all on a single page (e.g. several text changes, adding a photo, and removing a person from a list), that will be just one charge.

Faculty Labs

New lab websites that are more than 5 pages will incur a one-time $100 per page fee. Existing lab websites that are transitioned into the School of Medicine's web systems are free.  Visit our Faculty Lab Sites page to learn more.

Building Process

The process for updating or building a brand new site is a multi-stage process. This section of our site provides more information on the process of building a website in the Tridion...

Editing Services

Editing Services

For those who do not have the staffing resources to edit their website on a regular basis, the Web Services group provides this service to manage the site on your behalf.

For YM Staff:

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Please visit to learn more about how to manage your profile, address concerns about the website, and get assistance with your presence on Yale Medicine.