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Tridion CMS

The Office of Communications is charged with creating a "world class web presence" for the school, providing planning and implementation for web-based projects that serve the YSM community.

We offer web services to organizations within the Yale School of Medicine, including website building and web-based applications that support the school's web needs.

Our team addresses issues affecting the school and resolve them for the entire school by creating solutions and then allowing to community to build within the tools we create. We are always here as a resource for any web initiatives or needs.

CMS Features

Because of our content management system, Tridion, all YSM sites can take advantage of a large range of functionality, including:

  • Hundreds of content layout and format options
  • Photo and video galleries
  • Regularly updated functionality

Integrated Applications

In addition, there are a number of applications that are available through our systems, many of which do not require any significant expertise to use. They include:

  • Profile System
  • News System
  • Event Calendar
  • Media Library

Need Help with Our Applications?

Our office will organize and facilitate any project that provides help to a majority of entities in the school. Current applications: