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Importing PubMed Citations Through Eval

The Office of Communications has partnered with the Yale Center for Clinical Investigation (YCCI) to import publication citations from PubMed through the Eval system. While Eval is a broader tool for reporting on research activities within the school, we are utilizing the system as a way for faculty to easily add publications to their school profiles.

How it works

EVAL Email Sample

Once you are added to Eval, you will receive a weekly automated email from the Eval email address (see screenshot of sample email) with a link to review publications. You will only receive this email if there are publications to review.

  • Click the link at the bottom of the email and on the web page that opens, click “accept” or “reject” for each publication the system has identified as possibly belonging to you.
  • The accepted publications will appear in your profile via within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help curate my matches?

To help the Eval system better match possible publications to your name, please complete the following on your profile in the profile system:

Publications Information

Visit your Publications page in the profile system to add:

  1. Publishing aliases. Do not add your first initial and last name combination as this generates too many false positives. Instead, add maiden names, nick names, and first/middle initial with last name, such as JD Smith.
  2. NCBI Bibliography link (if you have one). This will be used to pre-approve publications that are known to be yours.


Visit your Educationpage and add your degrees. To reduce false positives, we will filter out any matching publications that were published before your earliest degree date.

Publication Reviewer

If you would like for someone at Yale to be copied on the Eval publication approval emails, please visit your Publications page and add one or more Publications Reviewer.

How will this information be used?

This information will be forwarded to the YCCI team to update your Eval PubMed query to help refine the results presented to you for approval. If you make updates to this information after you begin receiving Eval emails, the information will be forwarded to the YCCI team and reflected in their system approximately one week later.

Can someone review my suggested publications list for me?

Yes, there are two ways you can involve others to help review your list:

  1. Add a Publications Reviewer to your profile. If you add a Publications Reviewer to your profile through the Publications page prior to receiving the Eval emails, we will automatically copy them on the emails. If you add them after you begin receiving the Eval emails, the YCCI team will update your record to include then approximately a week after adding the information. They will then also receive the email and can take action on your behalf.
  2. Forward the email. Each email uses a unique token that expires after one week. If you forward the email, the receiving person can open the link and take action (approve/reject) on your behalf. Please remember that you will receive an email each Friday morning if there are publications in your queue.
What if a PubMed publication is not in my Eval approval list?

If a publication is missing from your Eval approval list, please add it directly to your Publications list in the profile system . We will provide this publication to Eval, which will then display on your next approval list in the weekly email. Once approved, the imported publication will override the manually-entered publication.

  1. Under the heading “Complete list of publications”, click “add new publication”
  2. Enter the PubMed ID and click “Verify”. This will query PubMed and import the citation. If you enter an invalid PubMed ID, the system will alert you.
  3. Click “Add”
What about publications not in PubMed?

Eval currently only integrates with PubMed. If you have publications (books, etc.) that are not in PubMed, please visit your Publications page in the profile system to add these manually to your profile:

  1. Under the heading “Complete list of publications”, click “add new publication”
  2. In the window that opens, click “Other”.
  3. Enter the publication title in the “Title” field.
  4. Enter the full citation, including the title, in the “Citation” field.
  5. Enter the publication year in the “Year” field (this is used to sort the item in your publications list).
  6. Click “Add”.
  7. Enter only one citation entry (do not paste multiple citations into the “Citation” field).
How do I display publications on my public website profile?

You can change which publications display on your public profile by visiting your Publications page in the profile system:

Publicly visible publications

Once you have added publications to your profile, publications that appear on your public profile are listed under the section “Publications Displayed on Websites”. You can change the display order of these by clicking the “hamburger” icon to the left of each publication and dragging it to a new position.

Add to your publicly visible publications

Add publications to your public website list by going to the section “Complete List of Publications” and click the “star” icon beside the publication you’d like to include in your website list. Highlighting the star will add the publication to your public view. If you want to add all publications to your website list, click the button “add all to displayed publications”.

Automatically add imported publications to your publicly visible publications

To automatically add imported publications from Eval to your website list, click the check box “Add newly imported publications to display on websites” under the heading “Automatic Creation of Displayed Publications” towards the top of the page.

Who is eligible to participate in Eval?

Currently any faculty who participate in the CTSA grant or in the Office of Student Research Directory of Faculty Interests have been added to Eval and will begin receiving approval emails in late October 2019.

If you are a faculty member and not part of these two groups but would like to be included, please add the three pieces of data described in the Help Curate Your Matches section of this page and then email