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Organizations System

The Organizations section of the profile system was built as a central database for information on different departments, programs, labs, and other organizations at the Yale School of Medicine (YSM). Such information can be fed to sites as needed and includes:

  • Basic descriptions for each organization
  • Distinctive Organization ID (OrgID) numbers
  • The relationships between different organizations
  • Display settings for websites 
  • Members and leaders
  • Contacts and locations
  • Patient care information 

Most YSM web pages are built with a content management system called SDL. This tool enables web editors to create automated feeds that update different pages as changes are made in the profile system. See our pages on AccessDisplaying Organization InformationEditing Organization Memberships, and Organization-Specific Biographies to learn more about how to work with this part of the profile system.

To find out how to edit organization information and display settings via the profile system, please see the Access page on our support site.