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Publishing on the Web at Yale University

As a web editor, you will be publishing to the world under the name of Yale University, and this means you must be familiar with issues about intellectual property rights and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), in addition to following University and School of Medicine publishing guidelines. It is critical that you understand these concepts and abide by these instructions in order to publish anything online representing Yale University or Yale School of Medicine:

Intellectual Property and Copyright

Do not publish any digital file for which Yale does not own the right to publish. Among other things, this can be a written document, a person's voice or performance, music played in the background of a video, a photograph, or a company's symbol or trademark.

Standards of Business Conduct

In publishing as part of the Yale community you must share a commitment to excellence, respect for others, and actions beyond ethical reproach.

Patient Care and HIPAA

The SDL Tridion system and the YSM News & People Profile System are not approved for Patient Health Information (PHI). Do not post identifiable information about patients anywhere in these systems, whether the page has security or not. Please contact the HIPAA office ( if you have questions about whether your content meets the threshold to be considered PHI. When in doubt, do not publish the content in any way, shape, or form.

Specific Concepts:

Images and Video

Do not publish any imagery depicting animals, any file for which you do not retain copyright or have full rights to publish, and any images of patients for which you do not have a signed HIPAA media release form. Signed HIPAA release forms must be preserved in a centrally maintained location and made available upon request.


Even when information is not PHI, individuals have a basic right to privacy, and you should only publish information about or images of an individual with his/her/their consent.


While the Office of Communication's security systems are adequate to prevent most attempts at unauthorized access, they may not protect against hackers. In addition to PHI, do not store or publish any highly sensitive content or documents in SDL Tridion.

Abandoned or Unmaintained Websites

The Office of Communications reserves the right to archive and remove sites on institutional web servers that have not been edited or updated in four or more years. We reserve the right to archive and remove websites where the official contact person for the site cannot be contacted or has left the Yale School of Medicine. The Office of Communications will make reasonable efforts to contact the site owners in such cases, however these apparently abandoned websites may be removed without notice after four years of inactivity.

Removal of Content

The Office of Communications reserves the right to immediately remove any content from your website that is questionable or conflicts with any of these policies and guidelines when it is brought to our attention.

If you have a question about content you are considering publishing, please contact the Office of Communications and we will put you in contact with an appropriate resource.