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Logos on YSM Websites

Generally, the University does not allow individual organizations, programs, services, sections, or departments to create and publish logos. Please read more about this on the Office of the University Printer website.

Use of Existing Logos on a Website

However, existing logos that have been developed with the approval of the Office of the University Printer and the Vice President for Global and Strategic Initiatives can be placed on the organization’s website within the side column on the Home page and the About Us page. Using the logo on more than these two pages of the site takes up valuable real estate where you could use relevant photographs or effectively written content, and makes the site feel more like an infomercial than a Yale University website.

Location on the Page

Existing logos can be placed on the Home and About Us pages within  the side column. The footer, left column, and header areas are all pre-defined and cannot include any additional images; only the text can be altered.

Questions and Approved Branding