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This section includes guidelines that should be followed when publishing web related content. This includes guidelines when using a YSM logo and when posting content to social media.
Generally, the University does not allow individual organizations to create and publish logos. However, existing logos that have been developed with the approval of the University Printer's Office can be placed in an appropriate location on a YSM website with approval from Office of Communications.

The Office of Communications aims to ensure that the photographic representation of Yale School of Medicine is professional, positive, and above reproach.

Creating a social media account that represents the work you do at Yale is akin to publishing a magazine article about your work, with regards to all Yale policies that apply. Yale cares about any publishing, print or online, that uses the name “Yale." Use your common sense, remember that you are publishing under the Yale name, and stay active on the account or delete it.

There are a number of areas, such as branding and photography, for which the YSM Office of Communications is responsible. See our list of key tips and reminders to learn more.