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Faces of the Pandemic

Experiences at Yale
Photo by Anthony DeCarlo

Faces of the Pandemic is an ongoing portrait photography project documenting those who have worked and continue to work hard for their community during the COVID-19 pandemic, an unprecedented time for Yale’s medical community, the nation, and the world. It is meant to show appreciation for these individuals, share their stories, and record this important moment for posterity.

Representing a variety of roles at Yale School of Medicine and Yale-New Haven Hospital, each participant is photographed wearing their typical work attire, including PPE. The selected photos include formal portraits representing respect for the subjects and candid moments representing the range of emotions experienced during this time. Each photo has been minimally edited to maintain a documentary feel. In addition, each participant was asked the same five interview questions to catalog their personal experiences and opinions throughout the pandemic.

On this page, you’ll find featured participants, updates on the project, and links to recommend colleagues or get involved yourself.

Creative direction by Allaire Bartel. Photography by Anthony DeCarlo.