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Launch Updates from Web Community Meeting

July 11, 2019
by Justin Fansler

On July 10, 2019, the Office of Communications team met with website editors and owners to review the T4 launch schedule and answer questions about the internal review process. This article contains highlights reviewed during the meeting.

Content Freeze

  • Monday, July 15 at 6am: editing content through Tridion will be unavailable.
  • T3 website editing will be back online Tuesday morning; however we strongly recommend not editing content unless it is an emergency. Email for edits in the event of an emergency on Monday; otherwise we’ll send the URL out in Wednesday's (July 17) communication.
  • It will take approximately two days to publish all content into T4. We will send an email to all active website editors when the new T4 sites are ready. A list of website links are available at

Bug Fixes and Releases

  • If you encounter a bug, please email with a detailed report, including your browser, the page with the error, and a detailed description of the issue. You can also use the popup at the top of each page in the T4 websites to submit a bug report.
  • Check our website at for a list of known bug and issues.
  • Each Thursday morning by 7am, the development team will release updates and fixes to the T4 websites. The team will provide an update of all issues included in the release.

Editing Workshops

The Office of Communications team will host a series of In-House Workshops between July 18 and launch on August 14 to help website editors make updates to their T4 websites. Please check our events calendar for updates and use the RSVP link to reserve your spot.

Functionality to be Completed During Internal Review Period

The following major functionality will be completed after the internal launch on July 17 and before public launch on August 14:

  • NCI cancer content pages
  • Podcast lists
  • Global search results, including "more" links from news, events and clinical trials
  • IE11 compatibility
  • Accessibility confirmation
  • Design review by designs for minor graphical updates

Stay Updated

For the latest updates, please check the T4 Launch Update section of our website. Please email with any questions or concerns.

Submitted by Justin Fansler on July 12, 2019