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T4 Launch Schedule

July 10, 2019
by Justin Fansler

The school's web presence will begin a comprehensive upgrade to a new look and feel, what we call Template 4, on July 15, 2019. Below is important information for YSM website editors and owners about the upgrade:

July 15: Content Freeze

To give our team time to migrate the T3 websites to T4, we will begin a content freeze at 6am on Monday, July 15. At this time, you will not be able to edit your website. The profile system, including profiles, news, calendar and clinical trials will be unaffected and you will continue to be able to add and edit content through

July 17: T4 Websites Available for Internal Review

By 5pm on Wednesday, July 17 your T3 website and new T4 website will be available to edit. Please note that during the review period we will have two separate instances of Tridion available, one to edit your live T3 website and another to edit the preview of your T4 website.

  • We strongly recommend only making emergency edits to your T3 website in Tridion. You will need to duplicate any edits made in T3 to your new T4 website for launch.
  • You can continue to add and edit profile, news, events, and clinical trial content through the Profile System and it will update on both websites.
  • We recommend focusing efforts on reviewing and updating your T4 website. It will be available only to the Yale community and will not be public.

August 14: T4 Website Public Launch

We are aiming for a mid-day public launch on August 14. At this time, all web traffic will be diverted from your T3 website to your new T4 website.

During the four weeks between internal and public launch, we strongly recommend reviewing your T4 website to make updates. We’ll provide a list of recommended action steps on July 17.

If you would like help editing your website during the transition period, please join one of the workshops hosted in the Office of Communications. See for dates.

Submitted by Justin Fansler on July 11, 2019