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Web Systems Release Notes: 2017.47

November 23, 2017
by Justin Fansler

On Thanksgiving, the Tech Team released version 2017.47, which covers software development work completed over the past week. This week's release is lighter than normal given the shorter work week.

Yale Medicine Website and Editing

Below is a list of updates that were made to, along with the YM Publishing Tool used to edit condition articles, feature stories, and doctor bios:

Type Title Description Category
Bug NCI articles don't have summary on search results page

Added summary for NCI articles on search result pages.

YM Website
Bug Self-closing tags can be saved in image caption fields

Improper HTML tags were saving in some captions, which caused issues for the slide shows.

YM Publishing Tool (YMS)
New Feature Create Error Notification for Workflow Engine

When there was an error in the SDL Workflow engine, the error messages were not passed to the YM Publishing Tool in a way that the application could notify editors. This task moved these hidden error messages into an interface where we can see/review them.

YM Publishing Tool (YMS)

School of Medicine Websites

Below is a list of updates made to the T3 YSM websites:

Type Title Description
Bug Remove Inactive orgs from display

Suppress inactive organizations from displaying on profiles.

Bug Add link to correct iCal feed for each calendar

Added the correct iCal feed to the "Add to Personal Calendar" links that appear below each YSM website calendar.

Sub-task Configure deployment of search indexing web job

Configure Search Indexing Web Job to deploy and host it within T3 website.

News and People Profile System

Below is a list of updates made to the system used to edit profiles for people and organizations, along with news, events, and clinical trials:

Type Title Description
Bug OnCore sync stopped on Friday, November 17, 2017

The nightly sync with OnCore (clinical trials) unexpectedly stopped running. It was due to a phone number format change in OnCore.

Event Calendar

Type Title Description
Bug Something is broken for Non-Yale location in Event editor

Fixed bug with input for adding non-Yale locations to events.

Bug Duplicated Events are not automatically "Approved" for relevant calendars when created by a Calendar Admin or Editor

Calendar events are not automatically approved when they should be if the event is duplicated and suggested by an administrator or editor of the calendar.

New Feature Make the speakers appear in the Event feeds in the same order they appear in the admin

Made event speakers appear in the same order in data feeds as they do in the profile system admin.

New Feature Create new feed to request iCal feed by calendar pagename

Created new feed to pull correct iCal feed for calendars on YSM websites.


Below is a list of updates made to websites and systems to meet WCAG A and AA accessibility standards:

Type Title Description Category
Bug Alternative text isn't set for top results on Stories search results

Add alternative text for first story image on search result page.

YM Website

Infrastructure and Backend Systems

Much of the team's work is never seen, but important projects are ongoing to make sure our systems and websites are stable, highly available, and cost effective. We continue making major improvements to our infrastructure and work in this area will be ongoing into 2018.

Type Title Description Cateogry
Task Decomission SOLR Server used for PubMed data R&D

Removed server and all components used to test using a SOLR based index for storing/searching PubMed data for the CV Builder project. This was also used to cost model the use of SOLR for other purposes.

CV Builder
Task Reduce size of resources used in Development Flyerboard subscription

Reduced the size of the objects used in the Development Flyerboard subscription to better match the resource requirements and reduce our costs.

Flyerboard Website
New Feature Create 500DTU Premium SQL Elastic Pool in main subscription

A SQL Elastic Pool is a way to share resources for running database servers in the cloud and is a very cost effective solution.

Task Shrink Main Drive on YSMTRDPCD2

This task was to reduce the size of the current Program Files drive on the virtual machine from 1TB to 16GB. This change requires all applications to be reinstalled after creating the new, smaller drive. There are three identical servers this will be applied to, this is the second which resides in USA and is only setup as a failover to the primary USA server so there is no impact during this change, even if problems were to arise during the change.

Infrastructure, SDL Content Delivery
Task Move all YMS databases into single 500DTU premium elastic pool in main subscription

The main production Profile System databases were moved to a subscription to consolidate our SQL databases into one location for both cost savings measures and to simplify Geo-redundancy efforts.

Bug NCI Downloader stopped downloading files

A misconfiguration due to recent server changes was made to eliminate this bug. The NCI download process is working normally again and documentation was updated.

New Feature SDL Troubleshooting Documentation Review

Created some basic troubleshooting documentation for developers to follow in the event SDL stops responding.

SDL Content Delivery, SDL Content Manager
Task Decomission legacy SDL servers

We kept the old SDL servers around until we were in production with the new version for at least 3 months just in case we needed to reference configurations from the previous setup. This step created backup copies of all the configurations and then deleted the virtual servers and all associated Azure components.

SDL Content Delivery, SDL Content Manager, VUM
New Feature Move SDL CM database backups to use azure blob storage instead of disk storage

We have hourly and daily backups of the production SDL database. This moved the storage of the backup files from expensive disk storage to very inexpensive blob storage. In addition, the blob storage was configured to be geo-redundant making it a very safe place to store copies of our data in the event the main SDL server has a critical failure and requires a rebuild.

SDL Content Manager
Task Azure App Service Plan Consolidation - dev/test/acceptance apps

This task is to consolidate resources for cost savings measures as our footprint has increased in Azure.

T3 YSM Websites, YM Website
Task Evaluate dev/accept YMS database size

Investigation to see if it is possible to reduce the size/cost of a collection of development databases used for the Profile System.

Results: This can be done and as a result was completed as part of a larger database migration.

Task YMS Database Migration/Renaming - investigation

This task is to change how the production database for YMS is named and also to move it so that it is in the same location as our other production databases.

Results: The current production YMS database will be migrated to a more cost effective solution in our main subscription and also go through a workflow change in how new releases are handled so that the database maintains the same name throughout its lifecycle.


New Projects

The team has begun work on the three new projects: Media Library (this will introduce streaming video and audio storage to the Profile System for people, organizations, news and events), CV Builder (to generate faculty CVs from the profile system), and a rebuild of the Flyerboard, the school's digital signage system. While these projects will not launch until 2018, below is a list of tasks the team completed this week:

Type Title Description Project
Task Label change for Lecture/Presentation in Activity Map

Updated label "Lecture/Presentation" under Activity Map->Add Activity->Activity Type->Lecture/Presentation in profile system to "Speaking Engagements, Presentations, Symposia & Workshops". This will let the faculty better understand where data is stored for the "Invited Speaking Engagements, Presentations, Symposia & Workshops" section in CV.

CV Builder
Task Integrate Azure Media Services to the project

New Media Library is going to use Azure Media Services (AMS) as a platform to store and deliver video/audio items. This task is about integrating AMS to the project and adding base logic to upload files to the storage and process them.

Media Library
Sub-task Set up proper deployment for Azure Function

After media item is uploaded to Azure Media Service (AMS) and processed we need to publish its asset and update info about it in our database. So we use Azure Function app to handle encoding job event from AMS, but Azure Function project is not really standard so this task is about the investigation and incorporation Azure Function project into common deployment process using CI.

Submitted by Justin Fansler on November 30, 2017