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Web Systems Release Notes: 2017.45

November 09, 2017
by Justin Fansler

This morning, the Tech Team released version 2017.45, which covers software development work completed over the past week. Our development team in Minsk was on holiday for two days, which resulted in fewer tasks accomplished this week.

Yale Medicine Website and Editing

Below is a list of updates that were made to, along with the YM Publishing Tool used to edit condition articles, feature stories, and doctor bios:

Type Title Description Category
Bug Slideshow React Error

Could not scroll through slideshow images or expand the slideshow to full screen.

YM Website
Bug Search: Heart Transplant

A search for Heart Transplant resulted in the article titled "Heart Transplant" displaying second in the search results, not first. We have added a relevance-based sorting rule that addresses this. These were previously sorted alphabetically.

YM Website
Task Bad image crop on Uveitis page

Updated the hero image on the Uveitis organization page ( to provide a better cropped image.

YM Website
Bug Relevant Doctors are not included in Concept Articles Filter

The doctor filter on the Condition articles page and the Article Reporting Tool now show Concept Articles for a given Doctor using the same logic as that used on the public-facing YM site.

YM Publishing Tool (YMS)
Bug Relevant Doctors are not included in Stories Filter

The doctor filter on the Stories page now shows Stories for a given Doctor using the same logic as that used on the public-facing YM site.

YM Publishing Tool (YMS)
New Feature Change Type of Story automatically to reflect its Hero Type

If a Story is given a Hero Type of Video, its Type will be automatically switched to Video if necessary.

YM Publishing Tool (YMS)

School of Medicine Websites

Below is a list of updates made to the T3 YSM websites:

Type Title Description
Bug Fix Audio Thumbnails for Audio Multimedia Components

Thumbnail images were not appearing for some audio players.

Task Javascript Configuration Compilation Problem for dev-preview

News and People Profile System

Below is a list of updates made to the system used to edit profiles for people and organizations, along with news, events, and clinical trials:

Event Calendar

Type Title Description
Bug Calendar Editor is Receiving Email Notifications for an already-approved event

Calendar editors were receiving daily suggested event notifications for events which had been deleted.


Below is a list of updates made to websites and systems to meet WCAG A and AA accessibility standards:

Type Title Description Category
Task Add ConceptTypes to YM ViewModel

Internal system change that was necessary for the "Deep Brain Stimulation" accessibility fix in TECH-2705 (In Review) .

YM Website
Task Related Concept and Organization have the same link text on some pages

This accessibility fix labels a link to a Condition article differently from a link to an Organization that happens to have the same name – e.g. "Deep Brain Stimulation", which is both a procedure and an organization.

YM Website
Task Adjust YM logic for passing Alt Text for images from Search

Adjusted client-side logic to show alternative text for promo images.

YM Website
Task Add Alternative Text for Images to Search

Added required data in the Search index to show alternative text for promo images.

YM Website

Infrastructure and Backend Systems

Much of the team's work is never seen, but important projects are ongoing to make sure our systems and websites are stable and highly available. We've spent the past months making major improvements to our infrastructure. Our work in this area will be ongoing.

Type Title Description
Bug domain cannot be reached

DNS entry pointed to an old server and had to be changed by Central ITS.

Fixed: Central ITS changed the IP addresses used.

Story Fix Print Publications Issues with SDL Broker database

Currently the Print Publications website points to the preview broker database for SDL because the live broker breaks when used. This covers the work necessary to create a separate broker database dedicated to Print Publications as a medium term fix until a long term project to overhaul Print Publications is completed.

Story Globalize Search Indexes

Our search indexes are currently served from a single location in the USA, this task is to create globally redundant search indexes to improve application reliability.

Sub-task Update events to also publish preview when publishing to new live broker

When users publish to live in SDL we also force a publish to preview so that preview content matches what is in live even if the user does not check the "preview" box when publishing. Now that the Print Publications runs on its own broker with separate Live publishing, we need to enable this feature to prevent preview and live getting out of sync if someone was to only publish to live.

Sub-task Globalize the new broker

Database was made globally redundant with a failover instance running in Northern Europe.

Sub-task Update Thumbnail URLs for all the Vimeo videos

This task changes the URL used for presenting the thumbnail for each video.

Sub-task Modify Video Builder in T3 for Technolutions to Vimeo content

This task is to change the video player to work with Vimeo content that was converted to Vimeo from Technolutions.

Sub-task Point the Live Print Publications website to new SDL Broker

This changes the SDL Content Delivery service used to get content for Print Publications to the new dedicated broker.

Sub-task Remove the current Live target for Print Publications so there is only 1 target for Live

This task removes the live target for production websites from the Print Publications so that only a Preview and Live target are displayed during publishing. Prior to this there were two live targets.

Sub-task Test new Print Publications Discovery service and broker database

This task is to test the new dedicated broker database and SDL discovery service to see if this fixes the Print Publications problem.

Sub-task Publish everything in Print Publications to new Live Target

This task is to republish all the current content in the Preview Broker database for Print Publications.

Sub-task Create new Publishing Target in SDL

This task creates a new target type and publication target specifically for Print Publications. When publishing to Live the print publications will have a new Live target that is only available for Publications.

Sub-task Setup new SDL Services for Print Publications

New SDL Services were installed that are dedicated to the Print Publications website.

Sub-task General database design

This completes the basic data architecture plan for storing all data related to the Media Library digital assets.

Sub-task Finalize new naming convention in Azure

Azure contains hundreds of resources and without standardized naming practices it can be very difficult to locate resources. This task documented a new system we will use to name Azure objects in a way that we all understand and can easily group and locate resources.

Sub-task Prove concept for replicating indexed data to globally dispersed indexes

This is a proof of concept to design a replication model so that our global indexes stay in sync.

Result: This work resulted in excellent results. We now have the ability to replicate a search index from one region to another in less than 30 minutes with strong potential for that to go down as fast as 2 minutes once we dedicate proper resources.

Sub-task Investigate pricing/sizing models for regional indexes

There are mulitple pricing models and ways to architect search indexes. This task is to select the most reliable and most cost effective model that will work with our search indexes.

Result: We will use three production indexes in North Central USA, East Coast(2) USA and Northern Europe and then a single instance for all the development environments. This provides the most cost effective solution by combining search indexes based on environment and not project. Previously we separated the indexes for T3 and YM which led to underutilized resources.

Sub-task Investigate options to globalize search indexes

We rely heavily on search indexes to run most of our websites. This task is to explore the options to take our current search indexes which reside only in one part of the USA and distribute them globally so that in the event of the indexes going down in one region, we failover to another region. Microsoft Azure does not offer this type of functionality so we must create a setup that works for our content.

The resolution is that we can develop software that will allow our indexes to be globalized in a scalable manner that is fault tolerant when cloud hosting regions fail.

Sub-task Migrate Technolutions MP3 content to replace current Media Library components Migrated audio files from old Media Library (Technolutions) service to use SDL for hosting and streaming on YSM websites.


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Submitted by Justin Fansler on November 09, 2017