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Visual Identity

In October 2008, Yale University introduced a new logo for use on letterhead and business cards, in official Yale publications and websites, and in other instances where it is appropriate to communicate a strong connection to the university. The logo is the word “Yale” set in a modified version of the Yale typeface, as shown below:

The medical school has a common interest in reinforcing Yale’s reputation for institutional excellence, to which all parts of the university contribute and from which we all benefit. We have a shared investment in looking “like Yale.”

Along with the new Yale logo, an extension system was developed for use by the professional schools and other academic and administrative units within the university. The medical school’s Office of Institutional Planning and Communications has worked with the Office of the University Printer and with Yale Printing & Publishing Services (YPPS) to create a graphic system that should meet the needs of everyone within the school. Yale School of Medicine’s new wordmark is:

This wordmark—the Yale logo, followed by the words SCHOOL OF MEDICINE, typeset as shown above—will replace previous iterations of the medical school’s graphic identity and should be used on all print and electronic materials that we create.

To recognize the importance of our heritage as a school, we are retaining the School of Medicine shield for use in print and Web publications, set apart from the new wordmark. The shield should be rendered in full color whenever possible. To defray the additional cost of color printing, the Dean's Office has paid for letterhead, business cards, and envelopes to be preprinted with the full-color medical school shield and made available to departments, from YPPS, at no cost.

There are some noted exceptions between the University’s visual identity and the School of Medicine’s system (click here for details on those exceptions).

Thank you for your adoption of the new wordmark and participation in this important branding initiative.

For Yale Medicine branding guidelines, visit

While the professional schools at Yale, including Yale School of Medicine, have proudly worked to build distinct branded visual identities, Yale University has overarching guidelines pertaining to the University visual identity as a whole.