Biophysics and Pharmacology

Our laboratories are uniquely well equipped to study channel biophysics and characterize the molecular pharmacology of individual ion channels that might be involved in neuronal activity. Core facilities are specially designed to facilitate study of specific ion channels after expression in heterologous cell backgrounds, and in native neuronal cell backgrounds. Patch clamp laboratories within the Center are equipped with recording setups that permit electrical currents from specific types of channels to be distinguished and studied via voltage-clamp, and that allow activity of specific types of neurons to be studies by current-clamp. Multiple patch clamp rigs are available for study of ion channels, both in heterologous expression system and in native neurons, and are supplemented by a PatchXpress robotic electrophysiology platform which incorporates eight MultiClamp 700A dual amplifiers to provide 16 independent simultaneous recordings. Dedicated cell culture and transfection facilities are available for support these studies.