2PLSM - Two-Photon Laser Scanning Microscope

This two-photon laser scanning microscope is an upright Zeiss LSM 510 MP with a custom-built translation stage and enclosure that is powered by a Coherent Chameleon Ultra II laser. This system is a dedicated imaging station for chronic imaging in vivo of the murine nervous system.


At present, we are using this equipment to repeatedly image the fine structure of neurons in the portion of the cerebral cortex that directs motor coordination, both before and after spinal cord injury (SCI), to determine how the brain reorganizes following injury. In future experiments, we will image the injured spinal cord to observe directly the regrowth of axons from damaged neurons in conjunction with therapies that promote regeneration and functional recovery from SCI.


For questions or to set up a time to use the 2PLSM, please contact Stacy Wilson at 737-4311 or stacy.wilson@yale.edu